The Ford Galaxy Owner Club was set up by two friends and Ford Galaxy Owners, James & Paul. Both were fed up with a lack of decent resources available on the internet for the Ford Galaxy model. After discussing different avenues and options they decided to create a home for the “Blue Oval Bus” – and hence the FGOC was born!

The main aim of the Ford Galaxy Owner’s Club is to provide other owners with all the information and resources that lead to a more enjoyable Galaxy ownership experience. Primarily this is done via this website providing a wealth of knowledge gathered from years of car (and primarily Ford) enthusiasm. The Owners Club Facebook Group is the other invaluable tool provided to members. Registered members can search historical information on the Galaxy mark posted by other members, post questions about problems they are having with their Galaxy (and have answers provided by experts within the motor industry) and also join in with the social aspect of Galaxy Ownership by chatting with other like-minded Galaxy Owners.

The FGOC has already forged close bonds with other Owner’s Clubs, motor industry traders and even Ford Motor Company themselves to give Galaxy Owners all the information they need, along with discounts on products and services essential to every day motoring.

Membershp to the FGOC is completely free, as is registration to the FGOC Facebook Group, so belonging to the UK’s original and only purely Ford Galaxy Owners Club has no catch either!