MK2 Powertrains
The impressive engine line-up for the MK2 Ford Galaxy is headed by an all new 24-valve, 2.8-litre V6. This delivers 17 per cent more power than the previous 12-valve V6, as well as an eight percent improvement in fuel consumption and lower emissions. Significantly higher torque across the range contributes to a notably more sporty performance, and this is complemented by the two new transmission options: a close-ratio six-speed manual box and a five-speed ‘Select-Shift’ automatic that also allows for ‘push up, push down’ sequential manual gear-changes.
The newer V6 delivers 204 PS (150 kW), up from 174 PS (128kW), while maximum torque is both increased and delivered at lower engine speed: 268 Nm at 3,214 rpm, instead of 235 Nm at 4,200 rpm. In combination with the six-speed manual transmission, the new engine cuts the 0-62mph acceleration time from 11.8 to 9.9 seconds, and the official ‘combined’ fuel consumption figure improves from 23.9mpg to 26.2mpg.
The new six-speed manual transmission for the MK2 V6 Galaxy has close-ratio gearing to suit the engine’s sporty performance. By providing a better match between engine and transmission across the range, the six-speed improves the car’s overall performance feel, as well as benefiting fuel consumption and reducing engine noise, especially at cruising speeds.
As an alternative to the manual box, the MK2 V6 is also available with a five-speed ‘Select-Shift’ automatic transmission, which allows the driver the option of sequential manual gear changes. To select this mode instead of fully automatic, the gear selector lever is moved sideways into a special track, then changes are simply made by pushing the gear-lever briefly forward to change up, or backwards to change down. A display within the instrument cluster tells the driver which gear is currently selected.
For safety, it is only possible to engage a new gear when engine speed and vehicle speed are compatible, and the transmission also has a failsafe system which will intervene to prevent the engine over-speeding or under-idling. The kickdown strategy also changes, so that the transmission only shifts to the next higher gear shortly before reaching maximum engine speed.

Diesel Options
Four powerful, turbo-charged diesel engine options for the MK2 Ford Galaxy feature state-of-the-art high pressure fuel injection technology to deliver outstanding torque and fuel consumption, as well as reduced exhaust emissions. The new, 1.9-litre TDi engine is available in four variants, a 90 PS (66kW) unit delivering 240 Nm torque, a 115 PS (85 kW), which produces an outstanding 310 Nm, a 130 PS (96kW) unit again with 310 Nm torque, and the most powerful 150 PS (110kW) giving 310 Nm torque, a top speed of 124 mph and 0-62 mph in 11.9 secs. Their fuel consumption figures are just 43.5mpg, 42.8mpg, (130 figure) and 44.9mpg respectively (official ‘combined’ figures, with manual transmission).
The main technological advance for these diesels is the addition of a ‘unit injector system’ to the previous 1.9-litre TDi engine design. The system delivers fuel at extremely high pressure during the injection process, up to 2050 bar, and permits very precise control of the fuel quantity and atomisation. The result is a more complete mixing of fuel and air, improving combustion to deliver benefits for both power output and emission levels.
Each cylinder has a unit injector installed directly in the cylinder head, which incorporates the functions of a fuel injection pump, a control unit and a fuel injector into a single component. Other features of the engines include an intercooler and exhaust gas recirculation system. The 90PS version has a fixed geometry turbocharger, and the 115, 130 & 150PS a variable geometry one.
All diesels take a six-speed manual transmission as standard, similar to the V6, but with a wider set of gear ratios for optimised performance and fuel economy. The 115 PS variant is also available with the option of the new five-speed ‘Select-Shift' automatic with manual sequential gear-changing mode.

2.3i DOHC
Ford’s widely acclaimed 145 PS (107 kW) 2.3-litre DOHC petrol engine completes the line-up for the MK2 Galaxy, with improvements in a variety of areas. Overall driveability is enhanced with new engine calibration, emission levels are reduced following a comprehensive list of actions, vehicle security is enhanced with a new encrypted immobiliser system, and a new transmission mounting system reduces powertrain noise. A new ‘soft start’ alternator improves vehicle start-up, as it is quieter and provides a reduced load during the first couple of seconds.
The standard five-speed manual transmission has been improved, while the automatic option has been considerably enhanced, to provide a four-speed ‘Select-Shift’ transmission (with manual sequential gear-changing) for the 2.3-litre Ford Galaxy. Ford’s engineers have paid particular attention to matching the characteristics of the engine and this new automatic transmission, to provide a more sporty feel that is emphasised by the ‘Select-Shift’ change, while retaining the engine’s good fuel economy.

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